Edward Snowden: Whistleblower or Spy?

Five years after his sensational disclosure of top-secret NSA documents, this film tells the untold story of Edward Snowden. As the US government stood accused of spying on its own citizens, the Snowden revelations triggered a worldwide debate on Internet surveillance that continues today.

Drawing on a nearly 2 year investigation this documentary presents highly revealing interviews with participants and witnesses, some of whom have never before spoken on camera. They elaborate on questions like: did the revelations do more good or harm? Did the NSA over-reach its constitutional boundaries? Is Edward Snowden a whistleblower or a spy?

On this website we provide background information on the documentary. Here you can find a list and short bios of all interviewees, as well as an extensive timeline about Edward Snowden. There’s also a detailed section with Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about both this documentary and the Snowden revelations. Finally, we provide insights into the main NSA programs.


The documentary has been broadcast by:
– TV2, Norway, on 6 June 2018: Snowden: Varsler eller spion?
– TV2, Denmark, on 6 June 2018: Edward Snowden – frihedshelt eller spion for Rusland? 
– More to come!


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